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Bread Science
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Bakery Products – Science and Technology – Hui (2006).pdf
Bread baking a review (Review Article) – Datta (2008).pdf
Bread making improving quality – Cauvain (2003).pdf
Bread Properties and Crumb Structure (Review Article)- Scanlon (2001).pdf
Breadmaking Process (Review Article) – Collado-Fernandez (2003).pdf
Bubble Formation and Stabilization (Review Article) – Deshpande (2003).pdf
Chemistry of Baking (Review Article) – Collado-Fernandez (2003).pdf
Crispy Crunchy Crusts of Cellular Solid Foods (Review Article) – Luyten (2004).pdf
Crust Formation and Its Role in Breadbaking (Review Article) – Vanin (2009).pdf
Dietary Importance (Review Article) – Southgate (2003).pdf
Dough Fermentation (Review Article) – Collado-Fernandez (2003).pdf
Dough Mixing and Testing operations (Review Article) – Deshpande (2003).pdf
Flour and Bread and Their Fortification in Health and Disease – (2011).pdf
Lipids in Bread Making Sources, Interactions, and Impact on Bread Quality (Review Article) – Pareyt(2011).pdf
Recent Advances in Applications of Starches for Breadmaking (Review Article) – Miyazaki (2006).pdf
Sourdough a Tool For the Improved Flavour, Texture and Shelf-life of Wheatbread (PhD Thesis) – Katina (2005) .pdf
Sourdough Bread (Review Article) – Wood (2003).pdf
Technology of Breadmaking – Cauvain (2007).pdf
Wheat Gluten – Shewry Tatham (RSC 2000).pdf
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