f2ef28fcc40c71902565d97186ed1ae7 Advanced Color Blending Tattoo Techniques
Advanced Color Blending Tattoo Techniques
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In this DVD, Carl Grace goes from basic to advanced techniques for how to use color in a tattoo. With over four hours of detailed footage and discussion, Carl explains his step-by-step process of applying color to the skin. He introduces warms and cools, different tones and values of color, and how to layer and blend to create a nice, clean piece, as well as how to create focus in your composition. Machine and needle set-up and stencil application are also discussed. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for new ways to incorporate color, or a beginner wanting to challenge yourself with color layering and blending techniques, this DVD is the perfect tool to help you learn the correct methods to achieve a painterly, full-color tattoo.

Topics Covered:

Machine and needle set-up
Full color palette set-up
Layering and blending
Full start to finish tattoo procedure


Creating the Stencil
Tool Prep
Palette Prep
Applying the Stencil
Starting the Tattoo
Detailing the First Petal
Continuing the Petals
Finishing the Flower
Outline and Highlights
Beginning the Face
Detailing the Facial Features
Adding Contrast and Highlights
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